FOR YOU TO BE FIT is designed for all fitness levels. The exercises are basic simple moves that do not require fitness equipment. Very little space is needed to complete the workout. With 15-30 minutes several times per week you can begin to transform your body. The unique part of this workout is that it is already set up for you. There is no need to go to the gym and feel lost not knowing what machine to use or which muscles to work. If you are a busy person who travels a lot or has limited time this is perfect for you too. No matter where you are you can pull out the deck of cards and begin to workout. Included are challenge games for individual, one VS one, and multiple player games.

The purpose of this exercise program is to get you fit through the process of muscle confusion. The idea is to quickly change exercises not allowing your body to feel comfortable in one position. You are constantly getting up and back down whether it is for the exercise or to turn the next card over. By doing this you are training your muscles to have more endurance. You are also not letting your mind determine when your muscles fatigue. In this case your mind will be continuously surprised.
The goal is to inspire all individuals to move their bodies toward a more healthier YOU.