Fitness Levels

Don’t let yourself get caught up in pegging down your fitness level for the entire deck. For the moment lets choose at what level you want to perform the challenge cards. All the other cards you will perform the number of repetitions indicated on the turn of the card. The Challenge Cards are marked with a Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced option for the number of repetitions you may want to perform. Choose one level for each exercise. For Example you are very weak with sit ups so you choose the Beginner option which is 10-15 repetitions. Now on the other hand you are very strong with Push Ups. In this case you would choose the Advanced option which is 21-25 Repetitions. Each deck comes with four unique exercises. We recommend that the number of repetitions that you choose for each of the challenge card Exercises remain the same through the entire WorkOut.

Next you want to dedicate 15-30 minutes to the work out and complete as many cards as you can.



Your goal is to complete the whole deck. Depending on how your body feels you decide whether or not you can complete the entire deck. If you don’t finish the deck you can set aside the remaining cards and try To complete them later or even the next day. It is a process of progression. Your positive progression is what is important. In no time you will reach the intermediate level.


At the intermediate level you are prepared to complete the entire deck in 30 -45 minutes with minimal modifications to the exercises. The challenge cards (A,K,Q,J) have a range of repetitions that you choose from prior to the workout. You decide how many repetitions of the exercise you want to do when a challenge card is turned. At this level if you feel that you can not complete the number of REPS you’ve chosen you can reshuffle that card lower into the deck. The more intensity you put into the workout the better results you will get.


At the Advanced level you are expected to complete the deck with
no modifications. Choose the number of REPS you are going to do for the challenge cards (A,K,Q, J). The goal here is to complete the entire deck in 30 minutes or less.